Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Certification Process

The Certification Process
Each Certification Program involves the documentation of specific job experience, successful completion of appropriate courses and their associated examinations. Certification exams are offered for a modest fee and are open to all who meet the general and specific requirements for registration.The courses and associated exams required for Certification may be taken at any time. The Radiochemistry Society maintains permanent records of individual course and exam completion. Diplomas of Professional Certification are awarded to Radiochemistry Society Certified Professionals as tangible recognition of their achievement.

Beginning the Certification Process
The required course and associated exams that are required for each certification type may be taken at any time, and permanent records are maintained. Diplomas of Professional Certification are awarded to program graduates as tangible recognition of technical achievement.

  1. Select a Certification Program that fits your experience and needs: Review the program descriptions and select the program(s) that will enable you to contribute more to your organization and accelerate your professional development. Each certification will have specific academic and job experience requirements.
  2. Obtain and document two years of specific relevant experience: The greatest asset that any organization has is its people. Yet highly skill technical talent in the field of radiochemistry is a best scarce. The Radiochemistry Society is proud to play a role in assisting both organizations and individuals in the cultivation and recognition of professionals. It is essential in any professional endeavor to gain, maintain and document credible professional experience.General minimum requirements are two years of documented specific professional experience in the area of certification. Simply complete our online forms and we will take from there.
  3. Enroll in the appropriate courses: We will verify your experience, register you for the appropriate course(s) and you will select the course times that best fits your needs. Additionally, courses can be taken on-line or on-site. Professional Certifications will only require one comprehensive course and one comprehensive exam for the specific area of certification.
  4. Attend the course and take the exam: When you attend or take your first course on-line, you have the opportunity to take your Professional Certification Exam immediately after the completion of the course [for on-line Certification requests, you will be notified of appropriate log-in information for taking the exam]. The exam tests your comprehension of each course objective and sub-objective, and your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired. The exam is given on-line after the last day of your course.
  5. Receive your exam results: Within ten days, you will receive your confidential Certification Transcript containing your exam results. A minimum score of 80% is required for certification. A petition for re-examination can be filed and is encouraged for those not meeting the minimum score.
  6. Earn your Certification Diploma: After steps 2-5 are successfully completed you become a Certified Professional in your selected technology or management area, and you will receive your Certification Diploma and lapel pin

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